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LIGO and Rummukainen

In 1990’s I was working at CSC (Center for Scientific Computing, Finnish supercomputer center in Helsinki, Finland) as Analyst In Charge for Cray XMP supercomputer named sn1109. I was often wondering of one user named rummukainen. He was using all the available computing power left over by others. BIG cpu time user, really. I was told he was calculating information on black holes colliding to each other. Gathering information into libraries to be used later on . =:-

A couple of years ago, LIGO ( Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory) took a note of a change in gravitational field. Later on other confirming observations of gravitational wave fluctuations have been made. Somehow they were able to tell which kind of two black holes, and when, these gravitational waves were resulting of.

Also other equipment is currently under construction/constructed to observe these gravitational wave fluctuations. Even in space.

At this point I counted one and one together. Ending up in conclusion rummukainen had been calculating which kind of black holes colliding end up in what kind of gravitational waves. This information was now used to made deductions on these newly noticed gravitational waves, their origin actually.

Quantum computing will surely give a lot in analyzing black holes.

Correct if I am wrong. rummukainen is Kari Rummukainen I believe.