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The art of carpacking

This Monday we started our winter holiday to Ruka skiing resort in Finnish Lapland. Myself to do some snowboarding. On the very basic level. Doing blue slopes, as no green ones were available. :-)

Even if I was to boycott Beijing winter olympics 2022, for supporting the status of Uyghurs in China, it was so nice in the end to watch Big Air jumps on TV in the morning prior to going to the slopes. To admire how some others do it. Gave up on one more boycott, I’m afraid.

We were 4 people altogether. What I had was a tiny BMW 116d F20. Without a roof box. How on earth to fit winter sports gear of 4 to such a car? And all the rest. I was nightmaring about it beforehand.

We gave up two snowboards and a pair of downhill skis. Would be renting those at the destination. But all four boots and one snowboard had to be fitted on board, they were just too perfect to be left away. Still, how to manage those with all the other gear.

We’ll, we did it fine in the end. We had everything we needed with us. All I can say is that no matter how big is your car, it will always be filled up on these kind of trips.

Similar principle applies to so many other areas of life, no matter what the situation actually is, personal feeling on it will remain about the same.
Like no matter how much wealth one has, for most it always feels like one is short of it. Or no matter how much misfortune you might encounter, you might still be happy. And vice versa. It’s all depending on attitude.