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Ride or guggenheim

Often people are looking back at the old times remembering things were better then. Well, people also say that time puts a gold lining to past. Maybe so, both.

Economists are claiming we are doing much better nowadays than in 1970’s. Gross national income has more than doubled from below 20KEur to current >40KEur. We also have bunches of new consumer accessories. Global traveling is possible for common people. And lots of other stuff.

My point is, that overall well-being is not directly related to economic meters and such.

E.g. if we take 1970’s, I was able to get a driver’s license and a Suzuki T250 motorbike with 3 month’s summer job salary. Of course T250 is moped by current criteria. It was somewhat classy though. It ran 160 km/h just as quickly as any other vehicle. Acceleration was just phenomenal. You weren’t blocking the road. CB750 was superbike of that era, BTW.

My summer job was an acting additional postman in Helsinki main post SPK, for which monthly fee was minimal. I doubt youngsters these days can’t afford to drive a license and buy a motorcycle with just their summer earnings. If they are able to get a summer job in the first place. In 1970’s no problems with that.

Of course we nowadays have Guggenheim’s and all that. Why don’t we ask a 18 year old which is preferred: going to Guggenheim’s or taking a ride.