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Prolonged motorcycle season

Obvious indicator of climate change for me is motorcycle season. The length of it here in Finland.

In the old days, last millennium, I used to commute half the year from spot A to spot B by motorbike. Season started mid April and lasted till mid October.

During the first years, in 1970’s, motorbike was the only vehicle I could afford. Over winters I utilized mainly public transportation. Later on, when I had a car as well, I had the car put on hold for the summer. Thus I rode, was it raining cats or dogs.

This millennium I have been after a bit more comfort. I have the car available as well for the worst summer conditions. Only that it is not only the rain or cold that makes me select the car instead of the bike, but also the extreme heat conditions experienced lately. I am not willing to envy the car drivers sitting in their air-conditioned cars while stopped at Helsinki traffic lights. Having a +100⁰C engine between my legs in addition to +30⁰C air around.

For the past few years, I have started the season a couple of weeks earlier. Not an April fool’s joke :-) Weather just has been that much warmer in the Spring. No constant -10C overnight temperatures any more.

In the end I’ll still nowadays stop riding at about mid October. Reason to stop in that end has never been the weather, but the amount of light. It is possible to prolong the season by a couple of weeks by neon coloured sunglasses. But even so it will just be too dark from mid October onwards. Once you take the glasses off at destination, it feels like night.

This summer other car is on hold again.