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Quantum Mechanics demystified, a try

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Kotlin in Android, for a dummy

Started to develop a mobile app for Android, named petrol.

As all the stuff with Quantum mechanics, Electricity and all that was just so enormously demanding I thought I needed a rest from those for a while.
Thought I could relax with Android apps. Chose Kotlin as the language, as it seems to be recommended by Google.

Kotlin is more towards functional programming.
In functional programming one composes functions in order to fulfill requirements, passing them here and there instead of writing imperative code at the spot. That’s something I have come to like!
But it has been a bit demanding for a guy like me with background starting in Cobol, Fortran, Assemblers and other most imperative programming languages on earth.

Thus, started to document harder things for myself to catch up. Just in order to aid in digesting those myself.
But what could be better if somebody else would benefit from these notes as well.