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Android Gradle Plugin compatibility with Gradle and Android Studio

Suddenly my newly created projects started to complain:

Dependency ‘androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.6.1’ requires libraries and applications that depend on it to compile against version 33 or later of the Android APIs.

And really, dependency on app level build.gradle is androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.6.1 for newly generated projects:

pappa@pappa-ThinkPad-X270:~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/app$ grep appcompat build.gradle 
    implementation 'androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.6.1'

whereas in older projects had androidx.appcompat:appcompat:1.5.1 in use instead, and are being built ok.
At some point something must have changed to make Android Studio use newer version for newly generated projects. I am now aware of what caused this.

Recommendation in the error messages was:

How on earth I am going to do that?


Turned out to be a nightmare to try obey the recommended actions. Below some details from along the road. Might be the easiest way is to upgrade Android Studio to recent version, as suggested on some posts along the way.

Tried to set up below configuration

  old new defined in (relative to project root)
androidx.appcompat:appcompat: 1.5.1 1.6.1 app/build.gradle
compileSdkVerion 32 33 build.gradle
AGP 7.2.0 7.4.2 build.gradle
Gradle 7.3.3 7.5.1? gradle/wrapper/

Details: Disregarding recommendation’s order of actions, ended up on updating compiled sdk version to 33 first, left minSdk and targetSdk as they were:

pappa@pappa-ThinkPad-X270:~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/app$ grep Sdk build.gradle 
    compileSdk 33
        minSdk 23
        targetSdk 32

Build went trough, but gave below warning:

We recommend using a newer Android Gradle plugin to use compileSdk = 33

This Android Gradle plugin (7.2.0) was tested up to compileSdk = 32

This warning can be suppressed by adding
to this project's

The build will continue, but you are strongly encouraged to update your project to
use a newer Android Gradle Plugin that has been tested with compileSdk = 33

App worked ok. Didn’t want to suppress warning, but wanted to upgrade AGP instead.

Per info available at Google AGP Maven pages, decided to use AGP 7.4.2, which was latest stablish at the time.

Did change using ‘File -> Project Structure’.
Change ends up into project level build.gradle, with module names suggesting in no way they are for AGP:

pappa@pappa-ThinkPad-X270:~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication$ grep 7.4.2 build.gradle
    id '' version '7.4.2' apply false
    id '' version '7.4.2' apply false

Now I get error for the gradle version I have in use, not supporting AGP 7.4.2:

The project is using an incompatible version (AGP 7.4.2) of the Android Gradle plugin. Latest supported version is AGP 7.2.0

My gradle version is 7.3.3:

pappa@pappa-ThinkPad-X270:~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/gradle/wrapper$ grep distributionUrl

Android Gradle plugin release notes tell 7.4. of AGP requires Gradle 7.5.
7.5.1 being the latest as shown in Gradle buildtool releases page

Changed gradle to 7.5.1:

pappa@pappa-ThinkPad-X270:~/AndroidStudioProjects/MyApplication/gradle/wrapper$ grep distributionUrl

But still the same problem. Thus it seems to be Android Studio itself that supports AGP only upto 7.2.0, not Gradle.
And really, Chipmunk 2021.2.1 supports AGPs 3.2-7.2 as shown in (Android Gradle plugin and Android Studio compatibility)[]

So, options seem to be