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Using Dokka

Wanted to document my Kotlin modules.

Simplest way was to incorporate KDoc commentary and generate it to html with Dokka.

Didn’t bother to install any kdoc generating plugins, like Kdoccer.
Please also note, that Dokka doesn’t generate @param, @return and such tags at all, but documents those values in its own way automatically.
It was mentioned somewhere, that using @param, @return etc is not the recommended way of documenting nowadays.

To make Dokka work did the following:


id 'org.jetbrains.dokka' version '1.8.10'

as the first plugin in your app (Not in project one as suggested on some pages)

Make dokkaHTML task visible in gradle tasks (Not visible by default on my Electric Eel version of Android Studio):

File-Settings-Experimental take tap off from Only include test tasks . . .
followed by File-Sync project with Gradle files

Run dokkaHtml by double clicking it on gradle tasks.

by default docs will be generated under build/dokka/html.

Left click index.html and select open in - Browser