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Modern Art

One day towards the end of last millennium I was walking along Mannerheimintie by the Kiasma Modern Art Museum in Helsinki.
Kiasma had been only recently opened spring 1998 and now it was fall. During the summer it had turned out building had a problem of some of the windows not being water tight when it was raining with heavy wind. As it would take time to figure out how to fix that, they decided to give first aid for the problem by putting green tubs on the window balconies inside.

There was a japanese tourist group walking by as well, being very excited, having lively chatter and snapping photos of the museum. The building itself is a work of art, but still I was a bit astonished of their great interest. Got besides them and realized they were not admiring building itself but the green tubs on the windows.

Everyday real life artwork at its best.